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Thinking about applying?

As community support continues to grow, we hope to reopen the application for new families in the future. To qualify,

  1. Family must qualify for free or reduced lunch;
  2. Students must attend any of the Waterloo public schools: Cunningham, Irving, Lincoln, Lowell, or Highland;
  3. No child living in the home is above the 4th grade at time of enrollment;
  4. The family has a goal of increased financial success.


We Care About Children, Their Futures, and Ours as Well

Students earn and save money through their academic success. Cash is transferred to participants at the end of each grading period as they complete certain requirements.


Their earnings are used to help them establish a credit rating in adulthood so they can build financial assets. Two assets they gain access to through their participation is a positive credit rating and significant savings. It's really important they obtain a credit rating strong enough to get a standard auto-loan which will help them avoid “Buy Here/Pay Here” establishments and/or buying a lemon. We are really concerned about their ability to secure reliable transportation because not owning a car has been proven to cause unemployment. Furthermore, if they can own a car (whether through loan or by paying in cash) who knows what other assets they might obtain—a home, mutual funds, and more.


Applications for New Families are no longer being accepted at this time.

Please check back Spring 2020.

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Find out how we impact the youth of the Cedar Valley area!
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