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The Job Foundation Student Spotlight!

Savings Lesson Put Into Real Life ACTION!

Congratulations to one of our oldest high school students, currently in the program, she achieved her goal of saving enough money to purchase her very own car!

She set out on a goal after getting her first job earlier this year. She decided to put away, at least $50, from each paycheck so she could purchase her own car. She achieved that goal earlier this fall! Her car is now helping her get to and from school; as well as, to and from her job!

We are beyond excited for our students when they achieve success, this is HUGE achievement for this wise and lovely student as she puts into practice all she has learned from her time (from elementary on) here at The Job Foundation!

We thank volunteers and donors, like you, at The Job Foundation for helping make this happen!

So excited for our first high school student to save and purchase her first car!

Jennifer Brost