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How a Parent’s Affection Shapes a Child’s Happiness for Life

Each quarter we have a Parent Advisory Committee Meeting with parents, students, and volunteers.  We include a “Child Coaching” lesson in our gatherings.  We believe we could ALL use some coaching when it comes to raising children; therefore, these lessons are offered to our parents and volunteers.

At The Job Foundation we believe in the love based approach…David Durovy puts it this way, “Love really can change things. Love triggers processes in the brain that in effect let everyone involved know that everything will be ok. We can all relax.  This applies equally to children as to adults, except that children need someone to help them with this. Keep in mind that the brain doesn’t fully develop in most people until around age 25. So yes, relax. Everything will be ok“.

Our July Child Coaching lesson centers on how parents can help children become better self-regulators.  They can actually offer a (no cost!) foundation to become emotionally happier and less anxious in life!  Who doesn’t want that for our children and next generation?!

Please feel free to read the following link and test it out yourself…we are asking our parents to try to hug your children 5 times a day and report back how it has felt to hug the child and if they had considered using affection as a discipline technique as the article suggests.

Read here:

Here’s to enjoying all the moments with your children!


Durovy, David. 2016, Nov 6. Window of Tolerance = Ability to Self Regulate via @bryan_post

Jennifer Brost