The Job Foundation

10th Celebration Affirmation Event

Last night, The Job Foundation held the Annual Affirmation Event. This event was extra special as it marked our 10 year anniversary. It is so amazing to look back on the past years to see how much our Job students have grown physically, academically, emotionally and relationally. It is truly an honor to work along side these families and share memorable moments with them.

The night started out with a fantastic meal provided by J’s Homestyle, Scratch cupcakes and popcorn from Popcorn Heaven. During the meal, students with their families traced their hand on a piece of paper using crayons and wrote their thank you to our donors for “raising a hand and making a difference”. During the meal, a slideshow and video was running in the background with affirmations given between mentors and their mentees. The students had a great time finding themselves and their mentor as the video played on.

To continue our affirmation night, the program focused on showing appreciation to each other. The Executive Director, Jennifer Brost, showed affirmation and appreciation with a rose and a card to volunteers and staff.

Our special guest for the night is a graduate from the Job Foundation program, Tiara. Tiara shared how The Job Foundation impacted her life and the importance of saving money. She learned from the program that “wasted money is wasted power”. This is a line from our wealthy person’s creed that is recited before and after middle school program every Wednesday afternoon. Several of our students came up to Tiara after the event and told her how inspiring she is to them. We are so excited that Tiara came and shared her story last night.

Towards the end of the program, students had an opportunity to speak into the microphone. A line of kids voluntarily came up to the stage and shared how thankful they are for The Job Foundation and how it has impacted their life.

Volunteers received t-shirts and a thank you note last night. We cannot thank our volunteers enough for their dedication towards our students and families.

To cap off the night, The Job Foundation attended the Black Hawk Children’s Theatre rehearsal showing of “Amazing Grace” – a story about a little girl who proves to everyone that she can be whoever she inspires to be.

It is so encouraging to have a special event dedicated to showing appreciation to one another. This is a night we will never forget!

Kelsey Umthun